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We are actively recruiting for this role in all states as a remote/hybrid position. Learn more about this opportunity below.

01About Us

Carrita Cloud & Associates, Inc. is seeking a team-oriented, highly motivated, and experienced Business Systems Consultant for our remote office. We offer full service business growth and scaling consulting services in the US and abroad. Since 2021, Carrita Cloud & Associates, Inc. has differentiated its services from that of its competition by providing business and organizational growth solutions to achieve client’s business objectives.

02Our Company's Focus

Carrita Cloud & Associates is focused on cultivating a high performing culture where a service oriented approach, continuous improvement and goal orientation are valued. If you enjoy working in a fast paced, challenging and rewarding environment, Carrita Cloud & Associates is for you!

03The Role

The Business Systems Consultant will report to the company President and have the primary responsibility within the organization for developing business leads as well as driving the achievement of organizational sales goals.

Role Responsibilities

Our mission is to scale organizations and brands through systems, automation and people.

Carrita Cloud & Associates’ team is a diverse network of consultants and industry professionals with a global mindset and a collaborative culture. We work to understand your issues and are driven to ask better questions in the pursuit of making your business work better.

Filling project pipeline to achieve company revenue and profit goals
Assess existing market status and research new market opportunities
Develop new business opportunity leads through research and consistent client/partner interactions
Track company-wide business opportunity leads and champion lead follow-up
Foster existing and establish new business partnerships and client relationships
Coordinate and participate in conventions, conferences, and trade shows
Create and monitor documented sales processes for various types of sales throughout the organization
Perform proposal management duties including: scope development, cost estimating, and plan execution/coordination
Follow up on submitted proposals and drive proposal award
Communicate client needs within the organization throughout all project lifecycle phases

Organizational Development

Will be required to participate in organization development including mapping out new policies, processes and procedures to aid in the growth of our organization.
We pride ourselves in providing excellent, value-based coaching and advisory to all clients we engage.
Will be required to attend company-sponsored workshops, seminars, tours and other out-of-office engagements to help promote company awareness and education.

What We Require in this Role

  • 3+ years of experience in service and consultant sales and/or business development
  • Demonstrated technical knowledge of systems and automation or ability to learn high-level technical concepts
  • Possess knowledge of generally accepted business practices and commercial concepts
  • Ability to independently discuss relevant business concepts with clients
  • Effectively works with individuals in various organization levels, of diverse backgrounds in site or office settings
  • Ability to develop and maintain rapport with clients and partners
  • Persistent, persuasive with excellent communication and listening skills
  • Willing to travel up to 25% of the time

Compensation Structure

All new consultants will onboard at the Jr. and/or entry level consultant role. After 6 months, you will be evaluated. At that time, it will be decided if you are promoted to the Sr. level position.
  • 100% Commission-Based Position | After 6 months, a base salary can be considered if sales goals have been met and Consultant has been promoted to the Sr. level.
  • 40/60 Split on all serviced accounts (ie. VIP Day is $7,500 — Consultant would receive $3,000 for conducting the VIP Day experience. Once Consultant becomes Sr. level, it becomes a 50/50 Split)
  • Consultant receives monthly commissions on all monthly serviced retainers (Built from Scratch) program.
  • After 12 months of service, Consultant qualifies for benefits package (PTO, Sick Leave, Partial Maternity Leave, Health Insurance Benefits)
  • Flexible Work Schedule: 10am – 4pm CST, Monday – Thursday — Consultant may choose to flex their hours as long as sales goals are being met.
  • Remote Work unless traveling to consult with a client, speaking engagements, workshops or seminars.
  • Continuing education and job training
Before You Move Forward with Your
Pricing for Profit™ Experience
To proceed with the scheduling of your Pricing for Profit Session, please confirm acknowledgement of the following: Do you acknowledge:
  • 1. A Pricing for Profit Assessment and Questionnaire is required and must be completed and submitted within 72 business hours of purchase of your Pricing for Profit Session.
  • 2. The Pricing for Profit Session is virtual and for four (4) hours. This session cannot be completed until the assessment and questionnaire are completed and returned.
  • 3. Sessions can only be rescheduled once by emailing 48 hours in advance. If not, the session and session fee will be forfeited.
  • 4. There are no refunds, transfers, exchanges are chargebacks allowed with scheduling this session.
Before You Move Forward with Your
Built from Scratch™ Scaling Experience
To proceed with the scheduling of your Pricing for Profit Session, please confirm acknowledgement of the following: Do you acknowledge:
  • 1. All interested persons must complete a waitlist application to confirm interest in this program.
  • 2. Once Waitlist application is received, you will be emailed a Mindset Readiness and Financial Stability Questionnaire. This questionnaire must be completed within 48 hours of receipt to be considered for this program.
  • 3. Completing the waitlist application and questionnaire does not confirm approval in this program.
  • 4. All applicants will be notified electronically, via email, regarding our program approval decision.
  • 5. To be considered, you must have 3 or more years in your current business.
  • 6. Your business must generate a minimum of $30,000 per month to be considered for this program.
  • 7. This experience requires a 12-month contractual commitment.
Before You Move Forward with Your
ScaleSmart™ Plan
To proceed with the scheduling of your ScaleSmart Plan please confirm acknowledgement of the following: Do you acknowledge:
  • 1. A ScaleSmart Assessment and Questionnaire is required and must be completed and submitted within 72 business hours of purchase of your ScaleSmart Plan.
  • 2. A ScaleSmart Consultation must be scheduled within 5 days of purchase. The consultation is virtual and for one-hour. This consultation cannot be completed until the assessment and questionnaire is completed and returned.
  • 3. Once the assessment and consultation has been completed, Carrita Cloud & Associates will have fourteen (14) business days to write and create the plan. Once completed, the plan will be delivered electronically and followed up with an additional consult call.
  • 4. The final consultation call will be scheduled after completion of your ScaleSmart Plan.